10 Unexpected Email Challenges & How to Fix Them

Tuesday, 24th November- 2pm UK / 9am ET

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The ecommerce landscape has changed and there is a lot to consider!

  • How do senders keep their subscribers engaged throughout an extended peak-sales period that can go as far as Valentine’s day with Christmas, New Year Sales and Blue Monday all keeping email marketers busy?
  • How is the extended period of lockdown changing the rules for effective email marketing now that consumers are responsive at different times?
  • How do we provide the shopping experience now that the shops are closed? How does the profile of traditionally offline consumers differ from those who are natural digital natives?
  • And in the midst of all these changes, how do senders still maintain focus on email fundamentals like maintaining great deliverability?

Validity’s very own panel of email specialists will review these new challenges and provide expert guidance for email marketers to apply during the upcoming peak-sale period, bringing perspectives from three major markets: UK, France and Germany.

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Meet The Presenters

John Doe

Work Title

Meet The Presenters

Guy Hanson

Vice President, Customer Engagement, Validity Inc.

Sophie Jean

Senior Email Strategist, Validity Inc.

Sandra Schubert

Email Strategist, Validity Inc.

Elliot Hogg

Solutions Consultant, International, Validity Inc.

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