State of Email Live

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

4pm UK / 11am ET

Join Chris Arrendale, chief privacy officer at Trendline and Shanna Thompson, email marketing manager at RentPath as they discuss the dramatic impact COVID-19 lockdowns have had on the rental and property industries–and how email marketing has adapted and thrived. With Chris’s deep background in deliverability and Shanna’s seat at the forefront of email marketing, this is a conversation any marketer facing business uncertainty won’t want to miss.

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Today’s ever-changing climate is leaving email marketers with lots of questions and no clear, consistent answers. The State of Email: LIVE, is Validity’s recurring webinar series dedicated to empowering marketers with real-time data, best practices, and email program recommendations to help you get the most out of your campaigns. Join us–and our special guests–as we dig into the real-word data and topics that matter for email marketers.

The State of Email: LIVE is hosted by Validity’s Guy Hanson, VP Customer Engagement, and Greg Kimball, Sr. Director of Product Management.

Meet the Host

Meet the Panelists

Tom Sather

Senior Director of Marketing, Validity

Email data and deliverability expert Tom Sather has worked with top-tier brands to diagnose and solve inbox placement and sender reputation issues at Validity. As the company’s senior director of research, Tom is a frequent speaker and writer on email marketing trends and technology. His analysis of email has widely cited across leading business media outlets including the NYTimes, Washington Post, and the Associated Press.

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