Live Webinar:

The Fact and Fiction of Email Filtering

Wednesday,  October 23, 2019

12pm ET / 9am PT

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Whether something is fact or fiction can sometimes be hard to distinguish, especially in an industry like email marketing. Our world is ever changing, constantly evolving, and outside influences on our jobs are plenty. At Return Path from Validity, we’re here to uncover what you truly need to know about the ins and outs of mailbox provider filtering. Discover the data you really need to understand if your emails are making it to the inbox or are landing in the spam folder.

Join our webinar on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 at 12pm EST/9am PST to find out the facts behind these often said, but very fictitious, statements about email marketing!

Some of the myths we’ll be busting are:
  • The delivered rate your ESP reports is a good indicator of deliverability
  • You can know everything about your inbox placement from one data source
  • Mailbox providers only use one way to filter messages
  • Engagement based filtering is a myth

Meet the Presenters

Meet the Speakers:

Courtney Finger

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Validity

Courtney Finger is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Validity where she uses her immense knowledge of their email products to shape everything from messaging and positioning to innovation and go to market strategy. Courtney’s previous role on the technical side of customer success gave her the skills and background to be a successful product marketer, requiring her to be an expert on email deliverability products and solutions, and to understand the customer’s problems and needs. She loves working with teams across the company to bring products to market that truly enhance the lives of email marketers.

Greg Kimball

Director of Product Management, Validity

Greg Kimball is the Director of Product Management at Validity in charge of the business’s email deliverability, optimization, creative, and API solutions. His years of experience working directly with customers, mailbox providers, security vendors, and email service providers gives him a comprehensive understanding of the email marketing ecosystem. Greg’s past experiences managing data ingestion, processing, and enhancement provide him a deep knowledge of the power, opportunity, and accessibility of Validity’s unique data that unlock answers critical to our customers. He is a passionate believer in the value of cross-functional teams to build inspiring, impactful products.

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